Anthony Gourdine, born and brought up in Fort Greene projects of Brooklyn, NY, began singing as a teenager, doing pop songs on the "Startime Studio" shows. By his mid teens, Anthony wanted to do what other teens in Boys High School were doing: singing with a group. He put together a quartet in 1955 that started doing songs for their friends, making appearances at local school dances before moving on to club dates. Anthony's group, the Duponts, were signed to Royal Roost Records in '57 and recorded "Prove it Tonight", a pop/R&B hit. The group appeared as an opening act on Alan Freed's Easter Show at the NY Paramount.
After high school, Anthony left to join The Chesters, who were looking for a lead voice. The lineup consisted of Anthony (lead), Tracy Lord (tenor), Ernest Wright Jr. (second tenor), Clarence Collins (baritone) and Glouster Rogers (bass). They cut one single, a Gourdine ballad, "The Fires Burn No More", for the Apollo label.
In early '58, Richard Barrett, an A&R man for End records spotted the group and signed them to a contract and named them The Imperials. Their first record for End was a double sided ballad smash. The "A" side "Tears On My Pillow", instantly launched their career into muscial history. This would be their biggest selling hit, selling over one million copies and has been one of the most enduring love ballads of the 50's. The flip side hit, "Two People In The World" made this one of the most popular double sided ballad records in vocal group history.
Anthony was sitting on a Brooklyn park bench one evening, listening to WINS radio DJ Alan Freed coming over the radio. As Alan announced the next record, Anthony heard, "...and here's a new record that's making a lot of noise,.........LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS....singing Tears On My Pillow..." The nickname, Little Anthony stuck and the new group was official.
Their manager then, (and still today), Ernie Martinelli, brought them a long-time admirer, Teddy Randazzo, who loved Anthony's sound. Teddy put together a perfect song for him, "I'm On The Outside Looking In", another huge hit.
The follow up "Goin Out of My Head" rose to #6 pop and #22 R&B in late '64 and the hits kept coming, as Anthony's favorite single followed "Hurt So Bad", which reached #10 pop and #3 R&B in early '65.
They appeared on TY's "Your Hit Parade", "The Ed Sullivan Show", "The Tonight Show", "Shindig", "Hulabaloo", "Draft Theatre" and numerous Dick Clark Shows. They performed in Las Vegas, did the Miami Beach circuit, the Carribean Islands, the famed Copacabana and the National night club and concert circuit.
History tells it all. Seventeen (17) Pop and R&B chart hits. They had an unmistakable sound that made them a cut above the rest. Their lead singer's voice and captivating personality is well recognized by music industry leaders along with the fans of the music. Yes, it was in 1992 that Little Anthony & The Imperials came together for their first reunion show in NYC and decided to get back together.
With amazing style, choreography, songs and a show that is unparalleled in today's market, they now plan to stay together forever and bring their music to the world.
Sounding as good, if not better, than ever...........we present......................

Tears On My Pillow
Two People In The World
Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko Bop
I'm On The Outside Looking In
Goin Out Of My Head
Hurt So Bad
I Miss You So
Take Me Back
I'm Falling In Love With You