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The first Fleetwood Country Cruize In, was held in London, Ontario at the estate of cadillac collector Steve Plunkett in May 2004. Steve sums up the car show by saying, "...it was time to give this car show thing the old college try. The weather cooperated again and by word of mouth advertising, we had 400 cars and a great crowd."

Fleetwood Country Cruize In was under way with first class examples of vintage motorcycles, fire department equipment, brass era cars and funeral coaches. RM Classic Cars participated by showing Cords, Packards and Duesenburgs. Cadillac Hummer of London had some brand new iron on display which combined with Steve's cadillac collection provided samples of 98 years of Cadillac - 1906-2004. Local golf expert Bob Martin was also on hand and impressed everyone with his demonstrations on long driving.