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SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM STEVE PLUNKETT (as published in the July 3 issue of Old Autos)
I'd like to extend our deepest gratitude to all spectators, exhibitors, volunteers and show car owners attending this year's Country Cruize-In. Thank you for your support of 9 charities and making this a landmark event I will never forget. After 11 months of planning, the weekend of June 10th just flew by! Next year's event has already been in the planning for the past 4 months and will feature more world-class attractions.
Mark your calendars for June 9, 2007.
To those car owners we could not accomodate, I apologize. Having been turned away from a car show myself, I am acutely aware of how disappointing this must have been for you. This year's attendance exceeded expectations with well over double that of last year. After opening up an additional 17 acres of space this year, by 1:00 p.m. we were at full capacity.
Major modifications are already under way to insure that next year, traffic will flow more freely and that all who show up will find a place in the show.
Steve Plunkett

The Fleetwood Country Cruize In 2006, was a tremendous gathering of automotive enthusiasts in a spectacular setting organized by a very special man for a noble cause. This year's show, held in London, Ontario at the Steve Plunkett estate featured special guests the King of Cars Kustomizer George Barris and legendary Canadian entertainer Bobby Curtola. The show was also a record setting event .......

Largest single day car show in Canada
Largest pole type tent in Canada
Largest Corvette meet in Canada
Largest George Barris movie car showing in Canada
Largest sit down dinner served in southwestern Ontario
Largest banquet served in the 20 year history of Custom Cuisine Catering
Thank you to all the TV, Radio & Print media for their support. This event even made the news in London, England!!

The following links to published articles will summarize the greatest day, to date, in Fleetwood Country Cruize In history.
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Jesse's Journey
Leftlane News
The 2006 editiion of this incredible event proved bigger and better than ever with something for everyone as the photo galleries will show!!
Many thanks to the following individuals who have provided Steve with a selection of their own photographs from the show.
Barry Carson - A great variety of cars are showcased in Barry's galleries. These photos are primarily of individual automobiles which are enhanced with a digital vignetting effect. Carson Gallery I Carson Gallery II Carson Gallery III
Digital Aerials Limited - If you couldn't see it all on the ground, check out these amazing shots for above. Aerial Gallery
Gerry Rastin - A 16 image gallery including interior shots of the largest pole tent in Canada. Rastin Gallery I
Blair Smalley - Another great selection of individual exhibitors vehicles. Smallery Gallery I Smalley Gallery II
Paul Sontrop - A variety of photos not seen in any of the other galleries. Sontrop Gallery I
Steve's photos and other miscellaneous images. Other Photos
Check out the Barris Bilt Productions website for online videos of Fleetwood Country Cruize In.
www.barrisbilt.com/fleetwood.html (scroll down to view the video player)
If you thought you missed out on your chance to take home a piece of Fleetwood Country Cruize In history in June this offer is for you.
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2006 DVD
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